Frequently Asked Questions

How can Canadian Firearm Storage legally provide this service?

Canadian Firearm Storage is licensed and registered with the Chief Firearms Office of Ontario. Provisions of Firearms Act authorize the transportation and alternate storage much like the permissions granted to a licensed PAL holder or a gun store when firearms are stored on consignment. In order to use our service an alternate Storage application must be completed (takes 5 min) which is approved by the CFO.

But where do you store your firearms?

Basements are a common option; but if improperly stored, this leaves your weapon prone to unwanted attention, mildew, mold, and rust.
*You never know who is watching…
*Attics aren’t temperature-controlled…
*Safes can be an eyesore and take up valuable space, and you can’t leave your firearm in a drawer…
With Canadian Firearm Storage, we understand firearms, and we treat them with the utmost care and respect. Our facilities are carefully established, and adhere to Federal, Provincial, and Law Enforcement Agency standards. We offer a safe environmentally-controlled facility with features that meet or exceed provincial standards.

If you store my firearm, who has ownership of the weapon?

You maintain ownership of your firearm while it is stored in our facility.

Can I store restricted firearms?

We will store your Non-restricted, Restricted and Prohibited from anywhere in Canada.

What firearm details do you require?

For Non Restricted firearms we require the firearm make, model, calibre, colour, and serial number and an alternate contact in the event you are unable to claim it. For Restricted and Prohibited firearms a temporary storage application must be completed. We will completed the application for you and liaise with the CFO.

Do I need to be licensed to use your service?

You must be properly licensed and registered to own and possess a firearm, (unless you are the executor of an estate following the death of the firearm owner, then no licence is needed) and must be able to provide licensing documentation for verification purposes (PAL card). You must be able to provide your PAL number and expiration date on the Storage Agreement.

What if I miss payments?

After failure to pay rent by the due date, you may be considered in arrears. After 5 days of delinquency, access to the stored property will be restricted until all outstanding fees are paid. Late charges will be applied from the 6th day of delinquency onward. We will make multiple attempts to contact you or your alternate contact, within reason, before invoking the arrears provisions of the contract.

How will recognize your company representative at pick up?

You will be told the name of the storage rep and He/she will identify with their PAL card and will know your first and last name.